Spiti Valley Travel Guide Itinerary And Places To Visit| Episode 2

Spiti Valley Travel Guide Itinerary And Places To Visit| Episode 2

The Spiti Valley Travel Guide Itinerary and Places to Visit – Episode 2 , In our first episode, we begin our spiti valley Circular tour from Chandigarh to Shimla on Day 1.

On Day 2: We continued our Spiti valley tour from Shimla to the Sarahan village by way of Narkanda. Day 3: We drive from Sarahan to Sangla and took a strolling tour of the Kamru village. Day 4: We discover the gorgeous villages of Rakcham, Chitkul the final Indian village and drive to Kalpa.
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In this second episode of our Spiti Valley Travel Guide Itinerary and Places to Visit In Spiti sequence, we begin our journey from Kalpa to Nako and additional will enter into Spiti valley to find the must-visit locations, hidden gems, and the will handcraft an ideal itinerary to benefit from your journey on the spiti highway journey.
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Spiti Valley could be visited from Shimla Side all year long. The greatest time to go to Spiti valley id from May finish to early October, as that is the one time when the Kunzum Pass, connecting Kaza to Manali stays open, permitting travellers to finish their Kinnaur Spiti Circular route Tour bundle. Best time to take the spiti round tour is from May End to early October.We are touring on the perfect path to Spiti Valley As touring on the Circular path to Spiti valley ranging from Shimla and Finishing in the direction of Manali – You Gain Altitude step by step and it gives you sufficient time to acclimatize to the High altitude throughout your highway journey to Spiti.
On the 7TH day of our Spiti Valley tour from Chandigarh, we launched into a scenic drive from Tabo to Kaza. Along the way in which, we loved sightseeing on the Dhankar village and monastery, in addition to we drive and go to to the Mudh village and the Kungri monastery within the serene Pin Valley.Kaza is the executive headquarters of Spiti.

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Time Stamp00:05 Welcome 00:45 Highlights of Episode 101:21 Start Episode 2- Day 5 Kalpa to Nako01:45 Kinnaur Handloom Weavers02:40 Khab Sutlej Meets Spiti River03:37 Road circumstances Day 503:47 Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley04:08 Nako Village04:57 Kinnauri Wedding06:20 Day 6 Nako To Tabo07:02 Entering Spiti Valley At Sumdo08:24 Which is the Best path to Spiti Valley 08:43 Mummy Of Gue09:58 Tabo village and Monastery12:25 Day 7 Tabo To Kaza 13:10 Dhankar Village13:51 Pin Valley15:04 Mudh village pin valley15:32 Cham Dance Kungri Monastery16:30 Arriving Kaza17:10 Introduction Episode 3 For Free Travel Advice Contact Us: WhatsApp +91 9805051102 Email: [email protected] us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/summitsafariFollow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/summitsafari/Visit Our Website: https://www.summitsafari.com/
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